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If you are looking to get into sport

Looking to get into sports marketing, reporting or coverage. We’re offering positions for volunteers, work experience & paid positions to help support sports clients, sports brand and sports clubs in the UK.


If you are a student or looking to add a second role to your existing job these could be perfect for you.

1) Social media support

We are looking for someone who can use social media tools with a keen interest in sport & statistics. The role can be done from home & primarily Sat 2-6pm.

2) Website managers
We are looking for someone to keep our club websites up to date & relevant. Based at home.


Most of these roles will only take 2-4 hours a week. So please be aware this is opportunity to get on the sporting ladder, often to help clubs that can’t typically afford the support. So far in 18 months our helpers have gone on to start their own businesses, gain experience for job applications & even get amazing opportunities with larger clubs. Let us know if you are interested. All applicants need to be English speaking with use of sports terminology, but not necessarily UK based.

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