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#BA11 - Creating a campaign to connect

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Over the last two years there has been a noticeable rise in level communication from all football teams across the leagues to engage fans and commercial partners. Aiming to drive loyalty, connection and in turn increase attendances. Clubs are looking to reconnect with their local community and fan bases, with growing social media channels remaining the most used and cost effective route.

With Frome Town F.C. there is the need for the club to re-engage with their main stakeholders and fan base. Success on the pitch over the last five years hasn’t been readily reflected in their brand perception or turnstyle numbers.

The challenge for Scott Fitzgibbon from SF Consult and designer Kane McGuinness was to create a campaign based on the premise of positioning Frome Town to “become the best non-league football club in the country”. A mantra that will feature heavily across all club activities to drive progression.

This philosophy has underpinned the creation of a growing new media team, with new elements to be unveiled throughout the season.

Scott commented “It’s essential for any club’s purpose to feel aligned to its community and the passionate supporters. The strategy of this campaign is focused on inclusion, through out the whole season. Sharing of information and updates tied to a unique #hashtag will allow everyone access to play their part of a growing success story.”

Gary Collinson (Frome Town F.C Operations Director) added “The club has a strong focus for 2018/19 to lead the way in transforming the club communications. We are extremely proud of our location and work in the community. By owning the Frome postcode (BA11), we have converted this into something usable to differentiate us from our league rivals, and all other non league sides”

The creative direction is based on combining traditional and modern styles, partnered to create a dynamic and versatile identity. The success was creating a design structure that was informative, as well as aesthetically pleasing - achieving a pure balance of form and function.

Kane commented "I feel the new look of Frome Town FC is fresh and exciting. We've created an identity that delivers clear and bold messaging, keeping the passion of football in focus, and promotes the Frome community to support our team within the #BA11 campaign.

To find out more about Frome Town and the #BA11 campaign keep an eye on the website and the clubs social media channels over the coming weeks.




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