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Creating a new online presence for Chippenham Town Academy


Chippenham Town's academy found themselves in a familiar position where individuals had filled the need to having a website through the creation of a WordPress site that meet the needs at the time.

Previous iteration

The challenge

The website needed to do more. Giving the opportunity to showcase the club's academy as one of the leading academies to give those looking and applying to academies. Whilst providing a secure method of securing new enquiries.


The main focus was to provide a site that would be used as the foundations of a prospectus site that would be the primary point of new applications. Alongside the squad details and latest news. We continued the use of Wordpress as the site building platform to allow all of those within the club to have the ability to update and use the the site to great effect. With the option for a variety of Wordpress plugins to be added at a later date.

We also conducted a photo shoot to capture a full range of images that could be used across the website, social media and other mediums. (Find out more)


The launch of the site will be reviewed in 6 months to determine whether the site is leading to more positive results in regards to applications, as well as determining the need to update imagery for the changing of the players come the end of the season.




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