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Creating a new online presence for Frome Town.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019


Frome Town's website had become stuck in too many iterations and with well intentioned website developers keen to help the club. However, the website needed to be taken internally and given the flexibility to meet the clubs needs without further development costs.


The main focus was to provide fans a site that they could be proud of and to provide the "one-shop-stop" location for all club latest news and further information. We used the "Wix" site building platform to allow all of those within the club to have the ability to update and use the the site to great effect.


The changes bought in have led to significant developments that club could not have predicted. A large rise in the amount of visitors due to the site offering more content than just relying on social media. More sales of merchandise due to the inbuilt shop feature. Increase in player sponsorships purchased and more awareness of club activities. However the promotion of the ladies team and their results, led to the closure of the separate ladies site. With the Under 18s and more teams following... this really is becoming a site for anyone involved in Football with Frome Town F.C.




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