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Creating a new online presence for Melksham Town

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


Melksham Town were using a Pitchero template site that no longer met the clubs needs. As they wanted a site that matched the off the field progress the club was making. They wanted a site that could help to advertise their sponsors and really push the requirements to showcase the stadium for events.


The main focus was to provide fans a site that was built as a mobile first experiene and one that provided the key information required...fixtures, team news, events and directions to the club. We used the "Wix" site building platform to allow all of those within the club to have the ability to update and use the the site to great effect. Whilst allowing articles and news to be updated from a friendly mobile app.


The results have meant that the club is more easily able to share and promote all communications. Whilst providing a modern heritage experience. The club were delighted with the end results which saw the site launched at the Sponsor Launch for season 19/20 and tied into the new online store.




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