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Creating a volunteer media team

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


The directors at Frome Town had found themselves in a position where volunteers were becoming less involved and those that did overworked. The running of the marketing communications for Non-league clubs are often reliant on good will and help. With the clubs ambitions on and off the field things had to change.


The aim is to create a structure and processes for the club that can survive people's busy lives. We wanted to attract locally based support, however this would not come over "quality". Geographic location would become less of an issue by updating the club to communicate more effectively through Slack and help everyone stay informed.


We was able to create a volunteer media team of 8 people by reaching out to ambitious up and coming professionals looking to gain insights and experiences but more importantly have a playground for their ideas. We were able to recruit a club designer, PR manager, Writer, Social media manager, commentator, website manager and videographer. Whilst retaining strong links with the club's photographer. This provided huge support to give the directors to develop the club whilst the fans experienced the best level of coverage the club has ever seen.




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