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If fans, journalists and players are looking for the only way to react to Super League news against the their clubs. Then don't protest, stop buying merchandise or tickets. The impact isn't quick enough.

Today is about the now, within minutes of the Super League announcement, teams like Manchester United's share price went up. We are repeatedly told how the clubs are now businesses and not sport teams. So fans need to make a more instant impact.

En masse if fans decided to unfollow their clubs on Facebook and Twitter, the clubs would see an instant reaction that would cause them to worry. Whilst watching stock prices go up, they will be transfixed on the social media numbers falling, after decades of focusing on their growth.

Why will they care? Behind having your email address, having you follow on social media is their biggest way of generating revenue. The grounds only hold 50-80k fans but Manchester United's facebook account has 78 Million followers. That's where the difference can be made.

To see clubs like the self appointed 'Super League Clubs' watch their numbers dwindle would truly send a proper message.

Fans and community will always be the life blood of football throughout the pyramid. It's the passion the brings the game...

Though The Streets Be Broad And Narrow As Follow We Will Follow We Will Follow We Will Though The Streets Be Broad And Narrow As Follow We Will We Will Follow In The Footsteps Of Our Team God Bell Us Follow Follow We Will Follow Rangers Everywhere Anywhere We Will Follow On. Dundee Hamilton Aberdeen And Back Again If They Go To Dublin We Will Follow On For Theres Not A Team Like The Glasgow Rangers No Not One And There Never Shall Be One Celtic No All About There Troubles We Will Fight Till The Day Is Done For Theres Not A Team Like The Glasgow Rangers No Not One And There Never Shall Be One.

The aims of the Super League clubs to attract the younger fans and to forget 'legacy fans', has been an outrage, given that legacy fans are often the only fans able to afford to attend these matches. Seems odd on the face of it, but that's where the need to have full stadiums has been less relevant, as they look to play the matches on a global scale in a digital world. Looking to the digital purchases over tickets and food in a traditional model.

There's not a company in the world that doesn't lead with "we've got 70 million followers" and there's not a football club that would either. This is about perceived popularity, even in the Super Club Statement it says....

So if fans are serious, they need to look at how they impact this digital world and the how protests with your digital personna are going to be much more effective in the future.

The clubs are using your voice, instead of giving you a voice. As at the moment a "follow" is a vote of your agreement in the eyes of the clubs. This needs to change.




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