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Frome Town FC: Kane Simpson Player Spotlight

A 2-1 win away to Thame last Saturday for Frome will represent one of their finest performances since the start of the season. Danny Greaves’ men now sit top of the league, a place Kane Simpson believes is justified.

“If we carry on taking each game as it comes, and we don’t underestimate anyone we’ll keep doing well. At our best we can beat any team in the league”.

Simpson is no stranger to Badgers Hill having started last season with the Robins scoring 8 goals for Frome before moving onto Evesham in November 2018. At Evesham United, he joined his 2 brothers and scored 17 goals in 20 games, finishing the season with a total of 25 goals.

Labelled by Danny Greaves as ’A young and hungry talent who is willing to learn’, Simpson is a player who always entices and thrills when his studs meet grass, and now back with Frome he’s keen on making a real impact.


“Personally, I want to help the team as much as I can this year, so I aim to get 20+ goals to keep the points and goal difference up”.

With a passion to hit the highest notes, I was intrigued to investigate whether Simpson had any superstitions or pre-game rituals to get him ‘in the zone’. However, it seems his consistently impressive performances are usually down to raw talent.

“To be honest I don’t do anything too out of the ordinary. I have to listen to good music which either hypes me up or chills me out”.

“Being with all the lads in the changing room also always helps, one of the best things about playing for Frome hands down”.

On the topic of the changing room, it will be all hands-on deck regularly from here for Greaves’ men, with some difficult fixtures in the pipeline. One of which particularly stands out for Simpson.

“I think Thatcham are going to be really tough opponents this year, they’re physical and quick, but we’ll be prepared”.

“We always approach games as a team, and when you’ve got people like Jono in the team we’ve always got a goal in us… as long as he sorts his chocolate hamstrings out!”

Chocolate hamstrings was a nice effort, but who has the best banter in the Team?

“Best is 100% Tealey, very quick to chirp in”.

“Worst undoubtably is Cotts, terrible”.

Best Trainer?: “Rex, I know everyone says it, but the kid just loves football”.

Managers Pet?: “Rob Brown, keeper fwends”.

Best/ Worst Dressed?: “Best is Maps, especially for his age”.

“Worst is Bathy, he owns way too many rascal shirts”.

Aside from the rascal shirts, keeper fwends or chocolate hamstrings however, the most important thing for Frome are you, the loyal fans who show your support week in, week out. To you, Simpson had some words.

“You support helps so much more than you think, so please keep coming and getting behind the team. Thank you”.




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