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Frome Town FC: Sam Teale Player Spotlight

With the season coming to a close, and Frome still on a serious promotion hunt, who better to catch up with than captain Sae Teale, who shone some truthful light on The Robins’ goals, issues and capabilities.

Do you genuinely believe Frome can win the league this year?

“I do, after last year I feel that anything less than promotion would be an underachievement.

Of course it’s always amazing to go up through the playoffs, but it’s our ultimate goal to win this league, and get back to where should be.”

How do you think Frome will fare if promoted?

“We can’t get ahead of ourselves, but we’re a solid unit and have a much better squad now than we did last year.

“Half the battle is also about having a good group of lads who can bounce off one another, this season all the boys are like best mates, and that will set us in good stead if everyone is to stay at Frome.”

What’s been the toughest thing about being team captain this year?

“Toughest thing is being fines master, some of the squad are tight as as*****s you might say, it’s really tough getting the money out of some, but as team captain it’s a responsibility I’m expected to take on.”

Where does the squad need improving?

“I think in terms of quality we’re fine, as I said we’re a better side now than we were last year, but I do think we need to improve in depth, just to handle the amount of games we play and the injuries that naturally come through that”.

If the opportunity arises to play at a higher level, would you?

“A tough question and one which totally depends on the situation, unless it was a few leagues higher I’d say no, Swindon asked me to play for them in the league above this year and I refused because I wanted to stay at Frome.

“It’s my ambition to play with Frome in the league above again, and possibly the league above that at some point. I’ve been here for 4 or 5 years now, and I can honestly see myself staying for the next 4 or 5.”

Where do you need to improve personally?

“I need to be adding more goals to my game, I used to score quite a few but they’ve seemed to have dried up over the last 2 years. It’s always good when you can help the attacking boys out and ease the pressure a little”.

What plans are in place entering the final stages of the season?

“It’s crucial we keep producing performances at the high levels we’ve been hitting of late, keep working hard. Nothing is a given in this league and everyone wants to beat us because we’re right at the top, so we have to keep raising the standards and keep the intensity sky high”.

Message to the fans…

“Please stick with the boys and keep coming to the games, our home form I believe is the best in the league because we always have amazing support who fully get behind us.

“When we went through a rough patch I saw some people on Facebook saying ‘we need signings and strikers and this and that’, and I think a huge part of it is sticking together, teams are going to go through spells like that, but it’s crucial you stick behind the boys who have done so well so far this season – saying we need new players is silly.

“We’ve got more than enough to win this league, and that’s what we intend to do.”





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