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Hamworthy FC: Eddie Hodge Player Spotlight

Hamworthy’s last outing saw Tim Sills’ side ease to a 6-1 victory against Bovey Tracey, a performance for Eddie Hodge that was the product of a real team confidence.

“We just went into the game feeling confident and didn’t want to get back onto the coach feeling we could have done more. We knew the importance of the game to the club and that showed in the effort levels for the whole 90 minutes”.

Undoubtedly wins alike the manner of the one against Bovey will certainly have the Hammers questioning how far they can push this season, and Hodge is a player unwilling to settle for second best.

“The whole team has an aspiration to finish high up the table this season, we all know how good we can be so who knows what could happen come the end of the season.

“Tim has come in and gone back to basics. He’s installed some real confidence in and around the team. He came in at a difficult time for the club, but has got us back to playing with freedom. Everyone works for each other on the pitch”.

As an individual himself, Hobbs is always someone who plays for the badge and gives 100 percent, which when partnered with his natural footballing ability makes for a quality and exciting player.

“Personally, for me my long-term aim to go as high as possible standard wise. You never know what could happen, so I think testing yourself at the highest level not only prepares you, but helps in realising your potential”.

“Recently one attribute I feel has improved is my passing ability. I feel more confident in quick, interchanging phases of play and have recently started providing assists on a more consistent basis. This just proves there’s ample opportunity to develop as a player”.

Hodge’s assists will certainly be lapped up by supporters all year round, but nobody will appreciate them more than striker Dan Cann, whose composure and cutthroat finishing ability in front of goal will prove crucial in the long run.

“For me Canny will be our star player this year, unfortunately. I hate to admit it but his goals for us this year have been huge and his hold up play allows us boys behind him to do our stuff”.

However, as Cann’s goals and Hodge’s assists increase at a rate of knots, one player doesn’t. Labelled the slowest in the team, this will surely be the epicentre of some changing room banter.

“He’s going to hate me, but I have to say Declan. He likes to think he’s quick, but sadly he isn’t at all. None of us are lightning to be fair, maybe with the exception of Ollie Davis.

“To be fair to him though, Dec is the best trainer in the team and that shows on the pitch, he always gives that little bit more. Definitely the slowest though”.

Aside from Hodge’s ability to pick a perfect pass though, Cann’s efficiency in front of goal and Declan’s 100 metre sprint time, the most important and influential thing at Hamworthy are the fans who turn up to support the team week in and out. To you, Hodge had some words:

“I just want to say thank you for all your continued support. Whether it’s home or away we really appreciate it as a team and we hope we can deliver and repay you with consistent wins and outstanding performances”.




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