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Looking for friendlies?

Frome Town Football Club are looking for a 'Glamour' friendly, but when geography isn't your friend what can you do to attract a club that can make a difference?

Challenge Frome Town FC. are in step 4 in the pyramid of English football, where they attract around 500 fans to each game, but with a stadium able to hold 5,000. Is there a way that they can attract a team to the Somerset / Wiltshire border to bring in the fans. Why is this important Lots of clubs are able to finance their seasons purely through the takings from glamour friendlies that bring in the passing trade and other local fans. With an extra 2,000 fans could equal around £15-20k for a club on top of the usual takings. With many budgets at this level between £30-100k for the season this can go a sizeable way to keeping clubs afloat. Our approach The location of the club means that many of the clubs at their level, have closer ties to the local bigger teams in the area. So we've had to look wider and potentially bigger. Calling on clubs to look at the options as they may be travelling by in their preseason plans or the club is a good fit for their preparations. Honesty is always the best policy so the club are holding out for a hero side to come to Badgers Hill, whilst sharing everything about the club so that an interested club can see everything they need to see. Delivered We approached this with a tongue in cheek approach to help show the club's personality, whilst remaining professional and conveying the important information. You can see the dedicated page on the club website.

and watch the inspirational video created alongside.


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