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New signings for Wimborne Town

At Wimborne Town FC, we have taken on the challenge of the player announcements for the new season. With the aim of creating engagement and excitement with the fans and the players. Whilst starting the process of name recognition for the season ahead. All too often fans at non-league level find it difficult to obtain information on the players within their club quickly and easily. Something that is generally found only in the matchday programme for those that are in attendance. The decision was made to announce all the players that were new and those that had signed again for the upcoming season. As we restart the club's presence on Facebook after the previous focus on mainly Twitter last season.

The challenge as always is to ensure the stand out from the crowd of “over-animated” videos or simple “scroll bys” on social media, as well as other clubs and other businesses that fill our timeline.

The reintroduction of a white background and a strong black presence to reflect the clubs primary colour palette, with the introduction of the thick black stripes from the clubs logo. The approach was to have a specific social media “stopper“ animated image and a photographic approach on the club website.

By creating a simple message that is bold and disrupts the usual thought patterns by making the reader take on two simple messages at once. Leading to the pause and stop. Once engaged the viewer needs to be encouraged to find out more.

The aim has been to create simple posts that encourage fans to read on at the club website, where engagement has previously been low. Where additional content is available with each player offering quotes and comments by the manager.





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