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Signings in Lockdown

At Frome Town FC, we have taken on the challenge of the player announcements. With the aim of engagement with the fans and the players.

With no obligatory handshake photos and the club looking to avoid any copyright issues on existing shots. The challenge was set to ensure we stand out from the crowd of “over-animated” videos or simple “scroll bys” on social media.

A dual approach to have a specific social media “stopper“ image and a photographic approach on the club website.

Stoppers have been an interesting development on social media as video takes more of a stranglehold across the medium. So how can you use a single graphic to make viewers stop their scrolling and take on board the information. By creating a message that is bold and disrupts the usual thought patterns by making the reader take on two simple messages at once. Leading to the pause and stop. Once engaged the viewer needs to be encouraged to find out more.

This has seen the fans enjoy the daily “stoppers” wordplay and see the squad build, but also behind the scenes the team’s WhatsApp group have been enjoying guessing their own description, with many guesses unprintable. On the website, where engagement is already high, it’s excitement and new content that has been the requirement. Where each player has been quoted and commented on by the manager.

The impact has been the first step at creating the start of the engagement process for the fans and players, for a season that we still don’t know when it will begin.

The success of stoppers can be powerful and testament to you reading this article.





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