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Creating a coaching portal for Frome Town United F.C.


Frome Town United were looking to create a digital platform that allowed them to upload session plans and key information to share with their coaches. The club run multiple teams across all ages from 5-18yrs old for boys and girls.

Club website

The challenge

Their club website is part of a wider template site platform, meaning they could not build within the existing site itself. So a separate site was required, whilst minimising the running costs of hosting two sites.


The main focus was to provide a site that was easy to use and access. Allowing every user to create a unique profile and their qualifications to be stored within the site. By using WIX as a platform this allow the logins to be easily manageable without the cost of plugins for WordPress. This also allowed for easy to use file sharing options and other useful tools that were integrated across the site.


The site has been launched and the coaches are already uploading files and sharing sessions.

The site is live at


If your club is looking for a coaching portal, get in touch today.




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