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SF & Chippenham Town Academy

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Chippenham Town FC's Academy. As the football industry starts to look to the coming season it's, it's been great to starting work with another fantastic local football club.

Owner Scott Fitzgibbon commented "We're delighted to start moving forward with this relationship, that has been in the pipeline for a while but held back by the effects of Covid-19. The initial agreement is to create a number of touchpoints to showcase the wonderful programme that Chippenham Town FC's Academy has been delivering. Sometimes the hard work is underseen by not taking the time to stand up and shout about it. This is great timing with one of the huge success stories of the Academy, has been in the last few weeks where the academy Goalkeeper Ben Hughes, was recently elevated into the Welsh National Team Under 18s to enjoy training with the likes of Gareth Bale and even to claim his debut against England 18s. The aim will to be highlight how young players can find out about these types of opportunities and where it might not be possible for them to become a footballer at a high level to introduce them to other specialised areas within the sporting industry"

Our initial agreement will focus on the core elements such as developing their online and offline presence.




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